Thursday, 26 December 2013

Checked After Christmas, and WOW!!

Hey guys! Marcus here!

It's now been Christmas and I was just looking around the blog looking at the memories we used to have, and also, we know that we are on! :DDDD

 I thought I was alone back in the time, but you guys were here all along, looking at our news, checking out our games, and looking at our projects that were going to be made! Wow, this is so nice for you to do this!

We've been holding this blog since July 31, 2011. The day this blog was born! And you have been looking at all the stuff we've done, even on Loyalgaming Games!

Loyalgaming is still active! It's being worked on, you should come over!

I have quit Club Penguin forever, and this post does not mean i'll be coming back either, so don't take this post as a "coming back to CP" message.

See you guys, and keep remembering the fun we used to have together!

-Marcus and Cosmo (5trtgerwes)
-CP2005 Team, Loyalgaming Games Team

1 comment:

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