Sunday, 8 April 2012

Club Penguin Release Accident

Today I have been on sleet at the dock and I spotted an Arctic White Penguin...


Message from a Penguin
"The White Penguins used Penguin Storm, I mean it, I even got the white colour."
It was a lie.

Arctic White item id: 16

Earth Day 2012 Release

Wear Arctic White Code:
"Cost": 0, "IS_MEMBER": false, "label": "# # Arctic White # #"

Message from Gokhan137:
Today while I was going through Club Penguin’s files a highly interesting thing came up. The files were update with the color “Arctic White!” This was a large surprise to me and got me really excited. I had also noticed it was added into the items files and the color one too. I’ve even seen penguins waddling around with it, the only way to get it is by hacking which is against Club Penguin’s rules. Below is the code I had found.

{“paper_item_id”"type”:1,”cost”:0,”is_member”:false,”label”:”Arctic White”,”prompt”:”Arctic White”,”layer”:1500}

Also I went into the color files of Club Penguin and I found this little segment which added the new color. The HTML hex code for this new color is #F0F0D8 which is really close to white. Below you could see and example of what this code segment looked like in the files.


This really amused me, so once I had looked through the coding I went to go look for the SWF and I did. This is what I found and some pictures of how the color should look on a penguin. It’s surprising how some penguins have already hacked it.

Isn’t this so cool? I think this new color is very cool and I hope to see it available for all players in the future of Club Penguin. You may spot a few penguins with this color surprisingly. Anyways, what do you think about this new exclusive? Tell us in the comments below! **I would also like to thank for bringing this to my attention.**

~Gokhan137 Owner

Go on Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer Browser ONLY)
Go on Club Penguin and open the catalog to the colours part.
Go to Cheat Engine
Click the Computer
Click second link of internet explorer
change 4 bytes from value type to array of bytes
Copy and paste on the bar
96 13 00 07 01 00 00 00 07 01 00 00 00 00 5f 70 61 72 65 6e 74 00
 61 72 65 6e 74 00
Press the Value Code on the Bar on the right
down there, theres a thing saying no description avaliable
right click on it, Change Record, Change Value
now copy and paste this
96 13 00 07 10 00 00 00 07 01 00 00 00 00 5f 70 61 72 65 6e 74 00
Now, Click Ok
Then on the catalog, Click Dark blue
pick the arctic white colour item up
There! You have it, But I would say to not wear it or else you will get banned!

We are not the ones to blame if you get banned, if you want to wear the item,  I would go and do it on your penguins you made that aren't important for you if I were you.

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